15 August, 2008

Backyard Bastard Bash 4

The time has come again for the annual Backyard Bastard Bash held at the impressive Fat Bastard Barbell Co. HQ in Pesotum, IL.

This year's BBB will be held on October 4th

Grippers- MMS set or wider

Bending- any unbraced style, three max attempts

Two Hand medley- Several implements in this medley must be lifted using both hands; a double blob(non-50's) lift, a double V-bar, and a double FBBC Bomb lift.

Hercules Hold- Cars on ramps

Tearing Medley- Objects are as follows: ez phonebook, deck crossways, hard phonebook, deck vertically, part's catalog, license plate

Big Squeeze DL- Using the FBBC "Big Squeeze" device. It is a 2 hand pinch lift using a steel 2x4.(no hooking of the fingers allowed)

As always, John Beatty of FBBC will have plenty of amazing food and beer for after the contest. Strongman equipment and grip equipment to play with, and the ability to learn from those who know what they're doing are all well worth the trip!!! Friends and family are more than welcome but seating is limited.

Entry fee is $50, BUT HURRY! ONLY 25 SPOTS TO FILL!

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