08 October, 2008

Big Week for Grip

Chad Woodall, grip monster, closed a #4 calibrated at 195lbs at last weekend's Backyard Bastard Bash 4. That breaks the previous US record also held by Chad.

Steve Gardener aka "Mobster", Millenium DB lifter and owner of the Whey Consortium and operator the Gripworld Magazine Blog has finally closed his goal gripper, which also happens to be a #4!

Here is a video of Steve's close:

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Franz Snideman said...

That is unreal. I am just starting my grip training.....it's really an entire different world for me.

I just worked up to a number 1 COC which I can now do fairly well. On order is the number 2 and 3 COC!

We'll see where this goes!

Great blog!