06 December, 2008

Metroplex Mayhem at Metroflex

Sponsors: Metroflex Gym, Ironmind Enterprises, Fat Bastard Barbell Co., and Central Market

Meet Directors: Paul Knight and Eric Milfeld

When: Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where: Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas http://www.metroflexgym.com/

Start Time: 10 AM

Entry Fee: $35 payable in any form to Paul Knight. Please include the user fee if you pay via PayPal.


Paul Knight
5725 Searcy Dr.
Fort Worth TX, 76131

Entry Deadline: January 1, 2009

Lifts in Order of Performance:

Euro Pinch
Standard rules will apply.(see the US Handstrength rules blog at left for rules and video)

Various brands of calibrated grippers will be contested using a parallel set. The judge will give the gripster a verbal start command when the set is legal.

Reverse Grip Bending
Calibrated 6" stock will be bent to 40 degrees within 30 seconds.(see the US Handstrength rules blog at left for rules and video)

Double Overhand 2" Axle Deadlift
Using a double overhand grip, the Ironmind Appolon's Axle will be hoisted to a finished position with the knees locked and the torso fully erect. Hitching is not allowed. The bar must be returned under control to the platform on the judge's signal. A sumo stance is allowed.

Five basic disciplines will be contested. Each discipline will be represented with three different objects of increasing difficulty to be lifted with one hand. The following implements are listed in ascending order of difficulty. Narrow pinch will include the Ironmind Blockbuster pinch block loaded with 40, a 1.5" wooden pinch block loaded at 75, and the Euro Pinch loaded at 90. Thick pinch will include a 40 pound Blob, a York Legacy Blob (50 pounds), and a Blob 50 with 10 additional pounds. Supporting grip will include a 2 1/2" FBBC Crusher, a Rolling Thunder, and the 175 pound 2 1/2" steel dumbbell housed at Metroflex Gym (it's tougher than an Inch Dumbbell). Hub lifting will include the Ironmind hub loaded with 30, a 45 pound plate, and a 45 pound plate with additional weight. V-bar will include a 100 pound anvil, a FBBC 2" v-bar loaded at 225, and another FBBC 2" v-bar loaded at 275. All of the implements will be fitted with a string to which a washer will be attached. The implements must be lifted to a height whereby the washer clears the floor. Three minutes will be allowed for completion of all the disciplines. Implements may be lifted in any order the gripster chooses. Multiple attempts are allowed on the implements. Two or three bonus points events might be added.

Four attempts for all events but the medley will be allowed. Gripsters may select lighter weights on successive attempts if previous attempts are unsuccessful. The rounds system will be used (all lifters will take their first attempts before starting second attempts, and so on.) Placing will be determined by a combined points total. The points awarded for pinch will be the weight lifted. The points awarded for grippers will be the calibration poundage of the gripper multiplied by "1.3". The points awarded for bending will be the calibration poundage multiplied by "0.4". The points awarded for the axle will be the weight lifted multiplied by "0.6". The easiest implements of all the medley disciplines are worth 30 points. All other implements are worth 10 points. So, a perfect score in the medley is 250 points.

Travel Information
Metroflex Gym is 18 miles from DFW Airport and and 29 miles from Love Field.

Additional Notes
Trophies will be awarded through 5th place. Prize packages will also be awarded, with details to follow. The Euro Pinch and Appolon's Axle weights will be calibrated. Only gym chalk is allowed as a grip aid. Additional sponsorship is likely. More details to follow.

Competitors List
Paul Knight
Eric Milfeld
Casey Emery
Kevin Emery
Greg Griffin
Rendy Delacruz
Jedd Johnson
Rex Hubbard
Mark Desouza
Brandon Ford
David Mims
Joe Musselwhite
Shane Musselwhite
Cody Musselwhite
Mark Lundie
Chris Rice
James Doherty
Nathan Bicknell
Bruce Coyne
Alex Graves
Cody Sherrod

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