22 June, 2009

Strongman/Grip Hybrid Competition

Location: 8105 Beck Rd. Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 (All the online driving directions will lead to to the golf course which is just next to our property, there will be a sign on our property for the comp so you wont miss it)

Date: July 25th, 2009

Start time: 10am(you can show up as early as 9ish if you like, that would make it easier to get all the weigh-ins down on paper)

Entry fee is $25 with food and cheap beer available afterwards

Make checks payable to:
Zach Coulter
1199 Mapleway Dr.
Temperance, MI 48182

The events in order are:
Grippers in Chokers- I hope to have calibrated grippers with at least 5lb jumps between, so far Bob Lipinski and Brent Barbe have pledged their sets(Thanks guys!!!)

Weighted Pullups for max added weight- This will be considered a perfect legal lift: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rTgtSXFSTyo Athlete with the biggest ADDED weight wins.

2HP- Normal rules apply

Axle Clean and Jerk/Press for MAX weight- The clean must be ONE MOTION, no continentals, and done with a DOUBLE OVERHAND GRIP. Just put it overhead however you can. Work those olympic lifts boys.

Medley- Yet to be set up, but I have a twisted mind and plenty of stuff to put together... devil.gif

THERE WILL BE WEIGHT CLASSES AT THIS EVENT! The dividing line will be 94kg or 207lbs. Weigh-ins before the comp when you arrive.

Grippers in Chokers will be contested the same way as in other contests. The gripper will be preset to parallel and will be measured with calipers to ensure it is exactly parallel. You can move the gripper around as much as you like but your free hand must be away and not touching the closing arm in any way during the close.

For the pullups, I will only require your chin to touch the bar. You must start from a dead hang and I have decided to lax the rules I stated earlier. Just start from a dead hang and touch your chin to the bar. A beautiful, strict pullup is not required. As said before, I will allow any width grip so long as the competitor's palms are turned away from the body. I don't care what you do during the lift, swing around, hula, do the bycicle, sing acapella, whatever, just start from a dead hang and touch your chin to the bar.

2HP, will be the actual device. We just may end up using Thornton or Lipinski's setup for this.

The Axle Clean and Jerk/Press will basically be the same as it would be at any strongman comp. The only stipulations are that the Axle Clean be done in one motion with double overhand grip. NO CONTINENTAL CLEANS. Do whatever it is you can to get that weight overhead. Strict press it, Full split jerk, squat jerk, push press, one arm at a time, 1 minute lockouts, whatever, so long as you lockout the weight overhead, the lift will be good. Work those olympic lifts and you should do well. WORK ON PERFORMING A FULL JERK!

As said above, the medley will consist of several objects. I plan to have a thumbless RT lift thrown in but that is the extent of the thickbar lifting since there are 2 thickbar events in the contest already. This will be setup the same as the MGC6 medley. That means there will be 3 platform heights, each worth 1, 2 and 3 points. The highest worth 3. No Kazmaier rule, just lift the objects to the platforms in the time limit(to be determined). Yes guys, expect to see a good size plywood lift in there as well.

Prizes to be determined.

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