13 July, 2009

Backyard Bastard Bash 5

Oct 17, 2009. 11am start.

Location: Pesotum, IL

Events -
Grippers - FBBC grippers (well, I pretty much have to) rep with progressive. You pick a gripper, most reps with both hands in 2 min. 1 rep with tougher gripper beats 10 with the step below. You can use both hands for the total. The set will go towards prizes, so they'll be a unique set, the only one like it.

Bending medley - 5 lengths, better bar, 2 bends must be completed, there will be 1/4" round, 1/4" square, Bastards, Shiny, Hex, Edgins, 5/16 square, Big grade 8's as the options. Plan is to have everyone submit their choice by the week before so I can have them ready.

Human winch - Wrist roller on a frame, pulling a car. Probably 10 feet. 2.5" roller.

Monster mega medley - everything I can come up with, most things lifted, torn, bent wins.

Plate Hula with 25's for max time.

Hercules hold, done with cars on ramps.

I guess this looks like an endurance theme this year, but I pretty much need something new every time, and I only have so many ideas

Lots of prizes. Last year there was over $2,000 in prizes.

Entry is be $50. I'll try to have entry forms up & ready in June or July.
Food, beer & play after

Contact johnb@fatbastardbarbellco.com for more details.

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