13 July, 2009

The Steel Slayer Showdown

Sponsored by: St. Croix Horsheshoes and Ryan Johnson

When: 10:00 A.M., Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where: my house in Fort Worth, Texas

Entry Fee and Deadline: $40 by August 15


6" Reverse Grip
Standard rules apply.

7" Freestyle
The Steel Slayer's Top 20 Bending List rules apply.

8" Braced
Three minutes will be given to to bring the ends within 2" using any braced style.

Three minutes will be given to bring the shoe to 180 degrees.

Weight Classes: under 200 and 200 and over

Scoring: The winner of each event will receive one point, with the second place finisher receiving two points, and so on down the list. The lowest combined total points of all events wins.

Awards: Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in each weight class.

Refreshments: Barbecue and beer will be served.

Additional Notes: The rules regarding wraps posted in The Steel Slayer's Top 20 Bending Lists will apply to all four disciplines. Three attempts will be allowed for all events. Dropping down in difficulty level on successive attempts is allowed. Because I have a lot of steel to purchase and calibrate meeting the entry deadline is imperative.

Steel Stock
60D = 375

3/8" HRS = 530
5/16" stainless hex = 645
KOAB = 665

80D = 500

St. Croix Lite 000
St. Croix Lite 1
Diamond Bronco Plain 000
St. Croix Plain 1

There will be a much larger selection of stock than is posted here. There will be stock easier than 60d nails and stock much harder than your average 3/8x7".

For more information, please contact seventyone7615@yahoo.com

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