13 July, 2009

USHS Nationals

At the beginning of the year, I announed GGC's date for August 29th, 2009.

Now that Chad's excellent Grip contest is out of the way, it is time to prepare for Nationals.


Perth Strongman
Chris Rice - Link coming soon!

The events are all the same as last year with one sizable change and a few minor changes.

1. Grippers (Minor Change #1)
- Parallel set only - Credit Card set is out!!!!
- Tons of calibrated grippers will be used

2. Two Hands Pinch
- No changes here. Same as always. Multiple widths, depending on athlete preference.

3. Axle
- Double Overhand only
- Sumo is allowed.

4. Medley (Minor Change #2)
- We will not do the mystery event this year. I know it was popular, but I feel it ended up too hard for the smaller handed individuals.
- All items will be announced.
- Some people may end up bringing things to use, but they will still be announced.
- Items will include Blob, Inch, Levering, Bending, Tearing, Loose Pinch, Block Weights, Rolling Thunder. Weights will be manageable for smaller handed individuals.

5. Weaver Stick to the Rear (instead of bending)
- I want to include a wrist event
- I don't want to include any bending
- Weaver Stick looks cool and is fairly easy to judge.
- It was a lot of fun at Gripmas
- Wrist wraps allowed on the Weaver Stick

Since the events are not hand size dependent, there will be only one Open Division.

Entry fee is $50 and we are doing it at my house. I can't afford to carry this equipment into the gym all by myself again and destroy my hands for the 6th year in a row the day or two before the contest again.

You must qualify for Nationals in one of three ways:

Qualification Chance 1: Athletes shall qualify for Nationals if they finish top 3 in a US Hand Strength sanctioned contest announced on the Gripboard between September 2008 and August 2009.

Qualification Chance 2: Athletes can also qualify for Nationals by completing 3 of the following feats during 2008-2009 competition:

1" Vertical Bar - 290
2" FBBC Vertical Bar - 200
Gripper - IM #3 or equivalent (140#), or 150# choker close
Reverse Bending - Grade 5x6" bolt
Axle Deadlift - 290
Plate Pinch - 170
One Hand Deadlift on Olympic / Powerlifting Bar - 225

Qualification Chance 3: Complete any one of the following Wild Card feats:

Close #4 Gripper with parallel set or wider (choker included)
Break US Record in Two Hands Pinch
Break US Record in 1-inch Vertical Bar (LGC Standard or FBBC Standard)
Break US Record in 2-inch Vertical Bar (FBBC Standard)

There's plenty of room in the garage and I have multiple pop-up ceilings that I can use to increase competing area. The only events we will need to be inside for are the pinch and axle, unless it rains, in which case we will do everything inside.

I think that's about it.

Check out this post on the Diesel site for the registration documents soon. They are just about ready.

Any questions, please feel free to ask here or on the site.

Jedd will be updating the following link with answers to any questions asked: Grip Nationals Link

Please contact seventyone7615@yahoo.com for more information.

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